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lbg kitchen talk

Bishops of ECUSA need to model collegiality in the ways that they
respond to members of their flocks with whom they disagree.  In
situations of conflict, I urge bishops to confer with other bishops
closer to the theology of those with whom they are having difficulty. 

But coercion won't work. We can't force bishops to receive unwelcome
alternative episcopal visitors.   The Archbishop of Canterbury has
made it quite clear that Anglican polity has no space for bishops
crossing boundaries without welcome or invitation.   We can thank John
Rodgers and Charles Murphy for giving us the case that made that
matter clear.

I have had quite a difficult time understanding Rodgers' and Murphy's
calling themselves "missionaries" to "apostate" ECUSA.  As I
understand being a missionary, news is more readily received as good
when the one bringing the news loves those to whom the news is

Sinners called Jesus their "friend."  I don't know much about saints,
but being a sinner, I know lots about us sinners.  I doubt sinners
would have kept inviting Jesus back to dindin if he had insulted them
as Rodgers and Murphy has steadily insulted members of ECUSA who have
been kind to lesbians and gays.

As I have said before, I would welcome a chance to spend some quality
time with John Rodgers and Charles Murphy.  I would learn much to hear
them tell me what Jesus has meant in their own lives, and I would
welcome the chance to describe Jesus's transforming presence in my own
life as a gay Christian.   I grieve that so those who have begun to
welcome  Samaritans as Jesus does have been held hostage because of
their kindness.

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