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the ubiquity of pain & hope for redemption


Thanks for sharing the moving account of your own ordination.   There is
indeed pain galore on all sides.

Is there a way that I as a gay Christian can minister to your pain as a
conservative Christian?

Will you be inviting Bishop Murphy or Bishop Rodgers to St. Alban's?  If
Integrity or the Oasis or the Diocese of Newark were to invite them,
would they come?

I would welcome a conversation with them and would gladly receive
communion from them.  I do not recognize myself or the lesbigay
Christians whom I know in their reports about us, and I believe  they're
much nicer persons than some of their detractors suggest.

Should lesbigay Anglicans try to find bishops who will consecrate
lesbigay priests as bishops to serve a missionaries to dioceses where
lesbigays feel unwelcome?  I fear that such an initiative would
fiercely divide us.

Can we find a way to leave all our pain at the same altar, redeemed by
the one who wants us all to be one?   We desperately need to be in
mission together.

There is a whole world out there that waits for us to get over our pain
and over our divisions so that we may minister to their pain.     They
will know that we are Christians not by how much we love them but by how
much we can love one another.  We don't have to rewire all the circuits
for that to happen:  we have just to walk into another room.

Love, faithfully, Lutibelle/Louie
Chair, Newark Deputation

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