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Re: What If....

> I can only conclude that people like Rodgers and Murphy are either truly evil
> or invincibly ignorant. That, plus their overweening ambition toward the
> purple has led them into the folly of "continuing Anglicanism" with its
> bewildering variety of bishops, archbishops, metropolitans, and primates.

I cannot conclude any of these.   I do not know Dr. Rodgers, but many who have
worked wth him praise him for his faithfulness, his commitment, and his kindness.  His
stand on our issues does not turn him into a demon.  He is passionately committed
to Christ as he has experienced Christ.

I have served in the House of Deputies with Chuck and have met him briefly on a
couple of other occasions.  His parish has grown impressively.  His commitment to
the Gospel as he has received it is not  questioned by those who know and work
with him.

We would not have many bishops anywhere if not wanting the job were a requirement
for it.

I am much too aware of my own ignorance to conclude that the ignorance of anyone
else is invincible.    Besides, the spiritual ignorance of any one of us is the
Holy Spirit's job to address; we must be open to the Holy Spirit's presence in
ourselves and in those with whom we disagree.

I disagree with these two.   They are Christians.  God loves them as much as She
loves me.  There's good news for them in that which they have not heard, but the
good news for me in that depends highly on how well I can love them as much as
Jesus does.

Disagree with them?  Yes, indeed.  Oppose the ballistic use of the episcopacy?
Yes, indeed.   Honor them as Christians and joint heirs?  Absolutely.


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