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Re: [Fwd: Re: Gen Conv vs alternatives, and some suggestions for improvementsof Gen Co...]

[Upon hearing the suggestion that GC might be improved if deputies
spent part of our time together building houses for the poor.]

I respect Habitat for Humanity and commend such projects not just for
deputies but for the whole church, but not as a substitute for the
work that deputies are  elected to do at General Convention.

At least four times during the year that I taught in Beijing, with no
prior warning, we arrived for classes and were told that classes were
canceled so that students could go in the countryside to plant
trees.   Planting trees was an important way for students to act
concretely on their love for the Motherland, but the communist party
violated the integrity of the classroom by disrupting the classes
capriciously.  BOTH...AND does not equate with EITHER/OR.  Students
could have planted trees without interrupting their academic work.

We need in-depth review of the positive possibilities of a
legislature.  We won't likely envision those possibilities by steady
disparagement of them or by a demonizing of those who take legislation

I am glad that the Council of Jerusalem voted.  I am glad that the
Council at Nicea voted and did not suspend activity to build houses or
hold a Benedictine retreat.

We can build housing for the poor right in our own neighborhoods at
far less expense and in far more solidarity with our neighbors,
especially if we don't spend people's tithes and offering to put us up
in a fancy Denver hotel when the sun goes down with legislative work 
undone which we ought to have done.

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