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Re: The Future of the Church?

John, thank you for posting Canon Martin's essay to the Diocese of
Newark list.

Here is a copy my response to Canon Martin on the forums where he
posted his.


Gentle Kevin,

I share your desire to see our church more focused on ministry and
mission, less on the issues that divide us.  I see no need to do away
with or give short shrift to General Convention as we seek to achieve
that end.  You and I as deputies can work together put mission at the
center of the budget and at the center of other legislation.   

For example, I hope you will give your strong support to a resolution
coming out of the Standing Commission on Anglican and International
Peace with Justice Concerns, calling for the establishment of an
Episcopal Youth Corps. Imagine for the year 2030 the perspective of a
president of the World Bank or the perspective of a cardinal rector
who spent 2001-2003 in servant ministry in a needy place in the
Anglican Communion.  For too long we have treated our youth as clients
of the church rather than as disciples. 

It is important to talk about and envision mission, as you did at Camp
Allen.  It is important to give these conversations program and
budget, as together we can do at General Convention.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Louie Crew, Chair, Nwk. Deputation GC2000
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