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Listening to those of Regeneration. Was: How to Expedite the Process

> Perhaps we should ask the folks at Regeneration - and other 
> organizations of lesbians and gays who are seeking another way. 

I agree with you that it is important to hear all sides. 
Unfortunately most whom Regeneration claims to have healed rarely show
up at General Convention or at other venues to be heard, but instead
straights speak for them.  We who have experienced Good News need to
be there to tell it.

I agree with you that not all gay life is positive or healthy, any
more than all straight life is.  I value Alan Medinger, the founder of
Regeneration, and his wife Willa.  I am glad that they re-discovered
mystery and joy in their relationship.   I delight that Alan left his
promiscuous life in the parks of Baltimore.  I value his honesty and
his willingness to share the stigma with me by telling of Jesus's part
in that experience.  I believe his witness.  I too was delivered from
a promiscuous life into a loving and committed relationship.  I think
either one of us would be wrong to make an icon out of the way that
God has worked in our lives:  people need to hear all perspectives and
try to discern how God is calling them.   

Alan and Willa left the Episcopal Church, and even while they were a
part of it, most of their ministry was with non-Episcopalians.  
Exodus has no formal ties with the Episcopal Church.  Earle Foxe at
Emmaus Ministries in Ambridge claims to cure queers, but he alone has
spoken whenever I have journeyed to hear his testimony. I come away
from Earle's witness wishing he would speak candidly about the break
up of his own marriage rather than invest so much energy in trying to
trash my marriage.  Are there Episcopal Ex-Gays who will speak up?

You can read my account of a Regeneration conference that I attended
at few years back at 
http://www.qrd.com/religion/anti/exgay/regeneration.txt  I continue to
be deeply moved by the experience.


L Crew, Box 30, Nwk, NJ 07101. 973-485-4503.

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Reminds me of the time on the elevator in our hotel at the Phoenix GC
when daughters were overheard to say, "Have the Queers arrived yet?"

Bless their hearts.  We have.

Lutibelle/Louie, Chair of the Newark Deputation

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Daughters of the King


This editorial was mailed to 5,746 Daughters of the King in Province IV
11, 1999.  Please read it and I would welcome your response.  I do it for
Jesus Christ sake my Lord.  Anne Harvey
Dear Daughters,
    It is with prayer and trembling that I write this editorial.  I have
deeply convicted of the fact that when I took my vows as a Daughter I
    "O eternal Father, you have sent us your Son to teach us things
pertaining to your heavenly Kingdom, give your blessings to our Order
wherever it may be throughout the world. Grant that we your Daughters,
may discern the truth and bear the cross through the battles of our
life. Give us strength to overcome temptation and the grace to strive to
spread your Kingdom and to gather your scattered sheep within your fold.
out upon us the sevenfold gift of the Holy Spirit that we may always
it is your work we are called to do, that all we think, do or say may be
pleasing in your sight.  We ask it all For His Sake, our King and Savior,
Jesus Christ. Amen  (Handbook page 37)
    I find myself in an earthly battle both internally and externally. We
have been asked by our National President to pray a Prayer for
Reconciliation. The prayer says in line four, "Bring an end to the issues
which separate and divide us."  I cannot ignore that untruth.  It is not
issues that divide us but the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said in
Matt.10:34, " Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.
did not come to bring peace, but a sword." That which divided us goes
to the heart of the Gospel and truth.  Our Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold
said in an interview "Broadly speaking, the Episcopal Church is in
with Scripture," he said. "The only way to justify it is to say, well,
talks about the Spirit guiding the church and guiding believers and
to their awareness things they cannot deal with yet. So one would have to
that the mind of Christ operative in the church over time . . . has led
church to in effect contradict the words of the Gospel." (Philadelphia
Inquirer Magazine 12/28/1997)  I cannot accept that statement (along with
some of the Presiding Bishop's actions).  It is not true.  Jesus said, " I
the way, the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through
me. " John 14:6 C. S. Lewis said, " Jesus is either who he said he is or a
liar and a lunatic." If we are being led in conflict with scripture then
is truth?  If scripture is not truth what is?  I believe that scripture is
truth and we cannot be led away from (or in conflict with) that truth.
Jesus being the person of truth,  being led away from the truth would be
leading us away from Jesus. John 1:1,14
"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was
God......The Word became flesh and made his dwelling amoung us." Therefore
our Presiding Bishop is leading us away from truth that is the person of
Jesus Christ.  That is not an issue but heresy and has eternal
    Sitting at my dining room table Bishop John Rucyahana of Rwanda said,"
During the genocide murders in Rwanda there were three sins committed.
One -
the sin of committing the murders, two - the sin of blessing the murders
authorities, and three -  the sin of knowing of the murders and doing
nothing. God sees them as the same"  He then said we have the same three
in the spiritual genocide we are committing here in the Episcopal Church
America with the truth of the gospel." I knew at that moment Bishop John
speaking truth and I could no longer be silent. I have committed the sin
doing nothing. Lord have mercy on me.
     Since I have asked God to show me how I can speak of what is going on
my beloved church. I no longer can hear and see the truth of the gospel
spiritually murdered without responding. This prayer we have been asked to
pray is one of those times I cannot ignore. As I search the scriptures and
church history I have found that God led His people from slavery into
many times.  Abraham left his family and kinsmen, Moses left Egypt and his
family because of slavery and abuse of the Israelites....the same is true
with the prophets, the call of the Apostles, the demands of the early
and the Reformation itself etc.. The words that keep ringing in my heart
head are:  Anne, choose who you will serve. Man or your Lord, Jesus
Christ? I
want to choose my Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Line five in the Prayer of Reconciliation says, " Empower us with Your
Holy Spirit to love and serve all peoples."  I find I am called to love
peoples but not called to serve all peoples (love the sinner but hate the
sin). I cannot and will not be reconciled to or serve those who refuse to
called to Jesus and His truth and continue to defile His teachings.
Forgiveness is possible without the other person ever repenting (the
who nailed Jesus to the cross were forgiven)  but reconciliation
a turn around (repentance) before forgiveness can take place. We cannot
"serve" or be "reconciled" until there is some kind of turn around. The
prodigal son had to come home before there could be reconciliation. Then
father could serve him a meal, and serve him with clothing and attention,
not until he returned (repented).
    Doesn't it seem we are being asked to place unity above truth? Isn't
clear from scripture that the church must always be willing to stand apart
and against the voices and forces that have always sought to compromise
unique and revealed Word/Truth ? I cannot obey this request so... I invite
our National President to join me and consider how we might --together --
hold up the truth (instead of unity) in the person of Jesus Christ.
    I ask you to search your hearts and ask the same questions I ask:
 <LI>. Can you pray this prayer ?
    <LI>. Can you continue to ignore the truth of Jesus Christ and live into
your vow of "discerning the truth and bearing the cross through this
earthly battle"?
    <LI>. "I am but one, but I am one. I cannot do everything but I
    <LI>. Pray Psalm 139: 23,24
        "Search me, O God, and know my heart:<br>
        test me and know my anxious thoughts.<br>
        See if there is any offensive way in me,<br>
        and lead me in the way everlasting.""
In the name of Jesus,<br>
Anne Harvey  2nd Vice President (Messenger editor)<br>
e mail mrsharvey@aol.com  phone 843-237-403<br>
Box 722, Pawleys Island, S. C.  29585<br>
    This editorial is written with the blessings and help of my Rector The
Rev. Chuck Murphy, The Rev. Thad Barnum, Asst. Rector and Chaplin of our
local Daughters chapter The Rev. Erilynne Barnum and my partner in prayer
Daughter of the King Kathy Raley. The Province IV Board and President Jean
Marani had no prior knowledge of this editorial.

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