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Re: On the notion to delay voting on sexual issues at GC in 2000

> Dear Louie:
>     An interesting post.  I have two questions.  First:  To whom are you 
> referring when you refer to schismatics?  

Those who would break away from ECUSA rather than live within the polity
of of ECUSA.

> What exactly is it that you suggest the delegates should not delay doing at 
> the General Convention?  

There are no delegates at GC.  We are deputies, authorized to vote our own
consciences not the perceived consensus of the diocese.  That is so out of
GC's respect for the Holy Spirit, to make room for the Holy Spirit to
influence us after we get to convention.

I hope that deputies will authorize the preparation of a liturgy for the
blessing of same-sex unions to be a part of the BOOK OF OCCASIONAL

No one whom I know is seriously proposing more.  The BOS is not mandatory
for anyone.

>  So, to the extent you have a crystal ball ....

I am not that kind of prophet.



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