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One index of how deputies might vote on same-sex unions 2000

All but four deputations are now known (96%).  

41% of the deputies are new.  39% of the deputies were new in 1997.
That's not a significant difference.

The 1997 Deputies' vote was recorded by orders on Resolution C004:

  Resolved, the House of ________ concurring, That this 72nd General
  Convention direct the Standing Liturgical Commission to develop, after
  critical study of pertinent rites already in use by faith communities,
  a rite or rites for the blessing of committed relationships between
  persons of the same sex, and to present such forms to the 73rd General 
  Convention for inclusion in the Book of Occasional Services. 

That resolution lost in the House of Deputies by one vote in the clergy
order and one vote in the lay order.  (Divided votes count as 'no')

While we do not know how any one deputy voted, or which alternates might
have been seated at the time of the voting, we do know how the orders in
the deputations voted for every deputy and first alternate not returning:

Of those not returning:  208 (46.3%) were in orders that voted FOR the
blessing of same-sex unions, 156 (34.7%) were in orders that voted
AGAINST, 85 (18.93%)  were in orders that were DIVIDED. 

Compare that with the distribution of the vote of all deputies and first
alternates in 1997: 400 (48.1%) were in deputations that voted FOR C003,
287 (34.5%) were in deputations that voted AGAINST it, and 140 were in
deputations that were divided (16.85%) DIVIDED. 

[See http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/votes_b.html for a list of all
diocesan votes by orders on C002]

It appears that if the new deputies vote very much like the deputies whom
they replaced (admittedly, that is a huge IF with so large a percent new),
this particular issue is still a cliff-hanger.

Four dioceses are not returning at all:  El Salvador, Guatemala,
Nicaragua, and Panama, and all four of those voted against C002. 

Has there been a ground-swell either way in electing new deputies
regarding their views about same-sex unions?  I have not heard of any. 
Have liberals all been routed and replaced by conservatives?  Have
conservatives all be routed and replaced by liberals?  No one knows, but I
sincerely doubt it, and I rather hope not.  We all need one another. 
At this point my crystal ball goes milky.

Have a great Fourth of July.  William August Ward composed "America the
Beautiful" while he was organist at my parish, Grace in Newark.  Tomorrow
his successor, James McGregor (who has much service music in the 1982
HYMNAL) will do his one schmaltzy improvisation of the year, with all
stops pulled out on the Casavants. 

I urge you to celebrate your liberty by doing something that you could not
do in a totalitarian state:  think and speak your mind freely.



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