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Re: On the Election in Connecticut

A friend responded to Karen Hamilton's report of the Connecticut election:

> And they say this stuff is not politics, pure and simple ? They claim it is
> the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is out in the  back upchucking. 

I cannot tell from your post whether both winners and losers offended
you equally.  Perhaps it does not matter?

I would never say that elections are not politics.  

I believe the Holy Spirit upchucks just as likely when credited with
decisions made in the old-fashioned way, whereby a group of men sit in the
back room, choose, and then announce whom God has chosen -- with no
opportunity for the polis (people) to participate.

Anglicans have generally preferred to see the political (involvement of
the people rather than a select subset of them) as the way that God
chooses to act among us.  

The Baptist Church in which I grew up would always have one more ballot
after someone was chosen, and then everyone would vote for the one who had
been chosen, however narrowly, to make the decision 'unanimous.' They
would use this 'evidence' to prove that the Holy Spirit had led them to
this decision.  My father refused to let any vote be unanimous:  he felt
that was playing games with God.  

I believe Dad was right.  I know that I was lucky to have a dad who
resisted majority rule:  He showed me that the world does not fall apart
when you stand against the crowd--a lesson that has helped me through many
a trial in my own life.

I'm less certain about how God acts in our choices than I am that God
intends for us to live into those choices as lovingly and redemptively as


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