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Re: Archbishop Kolini Of Rwanda on Homosexuality and Lambeth (fwd)

> From: Andrew Carey <Andrew_Carey@PCL.MHS.compuserve.com>
> Louie forwarded:
> >My wife was in a meeting last week with Archbishop Kolini of Rwanda,
> >who is in the US for a big evangelism congress this coming weekend.
> >When the Abp was asked a question about about homosexuality and
> >Lambeth, he answered, "This isn't about the bible -- it's about
> >culture."     Ted M.
> Are there any fuller reports on this? More information needed, before
> this can be regarded as a useful contribution to debate. I don't
> believe for an instant that Archbishop Kolini is dismissing the Bible
> from the Lambeth equation. But what he says about culture may be very
> interesting indeed.
> Yours,
> Andrew

I would like to have more information too.  The French also used to
say it was about culture, by calling it "Le Malade Anglais"; and the
British said that it was about culture by calling it "The French
Disease."  A former Archbishop of Uganda told me as late as 1989 that
it was about culture too.  He asseted that homosexuality is a 'Western
thing,' that there are no gays in Uganda.  At the same time he
told me that they had no AIDS problems there either. Before he
retired, he repented of the latter ignorance.  

A few months later, also in 1989, an Anglican theologian in Costa Rica
mocked me in my absence before the bishop and all clergy assembled in
that diocese.  Months earlier the bishop had agreed for me to meet
with the clergy, but he had forgotten the pledge when I showed up in San
Jose for the meeting.  While I waited on the phone, the bishop asked
the clergy whether he should honor my request.  The theologian
laughingly spoke of the North American disease, and the group voted
not to see me.  The clergyman went on and on about the matter in crude
humor, noting that no priest should dare meet with me alone.  A
colleague of his is a friend of mine and came to my hotel to describe
the meeting.   I was devastated at the crude violation and called the
Presiding Bishop.  Bishop Browning gave me permission to tell the
theologian that I had spoken with him and suggested that I give the
theologian an opportunity to save face by asking him to set up a way
for me to meet with the bishop as promised.  The theologian was 
hostile when I called him, but the moment I mentioned the Presiding 
Bishop, he completely shifted his response, dropped all mockery, 
and set up my meeting with the local bishop.  I met with the
theologian as well.  He explained that I simply had not understood the 
cultural difference of his humor about me.  

His bishop at that time is now an Archbishop.  

Before going to the World Council of Churches last December, I was so
brainwashed by the myths of culture that I expected most of the
members of GALZ (Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe) to be white
expatriots; under five percent are.   Yet President Robert Mugabe, who
calls gays "worse than pigs or dogs" also asserts that it is a
'cultural' issue, that homosexuality is simply "not African."  So
convinced were the parents of one of the officers of GALZ that they
hired someone to rape their lesbian daughter just to prove to her that
she could like men if forced to try the experience.

I don't know what Archbishop Kolini means by the term "culture," but I
would rather stay with Scripture, reason, and traditions, especially
as evidenced in the Old Catholic Maundy Thursday Mass:  ubi caritas et
amor, Deus ibi est.


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