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An open letter to Online Bishops of the Anglican Communion

Over 9 months ago, on August 5, 1998, you committed yourselves "to listen
to the experience of homosexual people."

Since that time lesbian and gay Anglicans have listened to many of you as
you have zipped around the world repeating many other parts of your
resolution.  Several times we have read dire threats issued at those who
have responded to us pastorally. Yet few have asked lesbigay folks to
talk, and most of those only when we have approached you.

Was the vote to listen to lesbigays merely a political ploy, without
sincerity?   Did the Lambeth Conference lie to us?

Or perhaps you are just afraid to be seen among us whom you have judged? 
If so, be of good cheer:  Jesus delights in risking his reputation by
dining with us sinners.  The church can't be a church until we make it is
a safe place for sinners.  Come experience the joy of worship in the

May God flood you with a love of mercy.  God loves you exactly as much as
God loves lesbigays:  There is wondrous good news for you in that:  I pray
that you will have ears to hear it. 

Drink from Samaritan Wells.  Joy to absolutely everybody!

Louie Crew, Founder of Integrity, a Lesbigay Justice Ministry in the 
	Anglican Communion
Secretary of The Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace
	with Justice Concerns
Convener of The International Lesbian and Gay Christian Network

     Louie Crew, English Dept., Rutgers, Newark, NJ 07102 201-485-4503
           Chair, Rutgers University Senate.  Board of Governors.
          http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/rel.html  <--Anglican pages

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