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Re: Why do they rage and take counsel against us?

Gentle Dave,

For the last 6 General Conventions these very folks have been pushing for
votes. Now that there are likely enough votes to pass the blessing of
same-sex unions, voting has suddenly become a 'no-no.' That sounds like
manipulation to me.

I'm open to discussing ways around voting that might preserve mutual
respect and integrity for everyone, but most people asking for no vote
have manifested almost no respect for those they oppose up till this
point.  Is your parish still associated with Episcopalians United?  Look
again at the scurrilous fund-raiser their director Todd Wetzel sent out
this spring. If you did not see it, it appears with my response at

I agree with you that most folks get their nurture and identity primarily
at the parish level, and they will continue to do so regardless of how GC
votes, or does not vote, on these issues.  St. Michael's does not need to
change radically, nor likely will it, if GC votes to bless gay
relationships.  Priests in this diocese have been doing that for years. 

Best wishes.


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