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The forgotten but first commandment: Love God with Your Mind

Ever wonder why so many who faithfully go to church know so little
about the bible?

A person who listens to sermons which average 15 minutes will hear 780
minutes of instruction in a year (15*52), much of it not about the bible.
A student who takes a 3 cr.  bible course for two semesters, one for the
Hebrew and the other for the Christian scriptures, will listen to 5,400
minutes (180*30) of instruction in a year.  A person would have to listen
to sermons every Sunday for seven years to be exposed to the bible as much
as in one year of college study, assuming that the preacher actually
preaches about the bible. Furthermore, sitting in the pew, the person will
usually do no homework, write no papers, nor take tests on the experience.
Assuming that a good student puts in an average of 3 hours outside class
for every hour put in class, a person would need to spend 28 years
listening to sermons to have the exposure to biblical instruction that a
good student gets in one year of college study. 

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


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