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How many times before stoners hear 'Enough already!'?

Robert, if you want an adequate review of the questions, you will also
need to add, "who is the church?" and "how many of its members does it
take to establish how it views an action?"

My parish and my diocese and leaders at the national level within my
church have elected me to major positions of leadership, and they have all 
dealt with my sexuality in doing so.  Do I have to go back sitting
outside waiting to be welcomed into the church when I am part of its

Am I any more a part of 'the church' now than I was twenty and thirty
years ago when parishes where I was a member seriously discussed my
excommunication?  I also serve as secretary of a major international body
of my Church, and thus represent my church in several ecumenical settings. 
Are people in other churches right to single me out for treatment in ways
that they would not single out any other members of this Commission?  How
many crowds lift up their stones poised to strike must I face before the
Church hears 'Enough already'? 

In my view, lesbians and gays already part of the church.  We became part
of the church at our baptism.  You'll have to stop baptizing us if you
want to keep us out.  If we stop coming, you will lose an important part
of the Body of Christ.  We are here not because of our own righteousness
but because of God's manifold and great mercies.  There is much good news
in that for anyone not lesbigay if they could but hear it.  God loves you
just as much as God loves me.  Rejoice! 

Lutibelle/Louie, Secretary
The Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice

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