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Thanks be to God for Courtship

Ernest and I began courting each other the instant we met 25 years ago
today, and the courtship continued for five exhilarating months.  We
enjoyed it so much that we've decided to have a second round, though this
time we won't have to commute 125 miles each way on every weekend, nor
will we be quite as conspicuous as we were in the early days of racial
integration throwing bright leaves leaves at each other as we ran with
abandon down Peachtree Street in Atlanta or coursed through tiny Ft.
Valley, Georgia squeezing tight on the Honda.

God willing, come February 2nd, 1999, at 7:30 p.m. we'll renew our vows at
Grace in Newark, and whosoever will may come, and for the potluck
afterwards.  We won't even use the 1928 Prayer Book this time.

For more nostalgia:


God has enormously blessed us.  Shield the joyous!


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