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Why both 'Koinonia' amd 'Pastoral Statement'?


> Subject: Why both 'Koinonia' amd 'Pastoral Statement'? 

I can talk to your question, but I don't pretend to know the answer.

> Reply from Bubber Cockrell to #24678 From lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu(Louie
> Crew <lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu>), Wed Aug 12 at 5:21p
> Regarding the 'Pastoral Statement to Lesbian and Gay Anglicans'....
> What percentage of its signatories have also signed the Koinonia Statement,
> and vice versa?

Only 37 of the 87 ECUSA bishops who signed the Koinonia Statement were at
Lambeth.  Of the 37, 33 (89%) have signed the Pastoral Statement to date. 
The four who signed the Koinonia Statement but not the Pastoral Statement
(of those eligible to be there to sign it) are:  Bishops Bowman, Griswold,
Ottley, and Terry. 
Of the 66 ECUSA bishops who have signed the Pastoral Statment, only 35
(53%) have also signed the Koinonia Statement.  The Pastoral
Statement has picked up the support of twenty ECUSA bishops who have
never signed the Koinonia Statement, although the Koinonia Statement was
re-circulated to many bishops shortly before the Lambeth Conference. 

> Why do we need two separate documents?

The Koinonia Statement is very much bound to the actions of the 1994
General Convention, where it was drafted.  Twenty-nine ECUSA bishops have
been consecrated since the Koinonia Statement was drafted.

The Pastoral Statement is very much bound to the actions of the Lambeth
Conference.  It has many signers outside ECUSA and was drafted to
accommodate larger, more general concerns.

> The two documents seem to have similar sentiments but careful differences in
> certain phrases.  Can someone explain their distinctions or complementarity?  

If you wish to study the specific documents, you may find the Koinonia
Statement at 


and the Pastoral Statement at


> Who, for example, might sign one but not the other?

Here at the 20 bishops (30%) of the 66 who signed the Pastoral Statement
but have not signed the Koinonia Statement: 

Frank K. Allan
Christopher Epting
Richard F. Grein
Ronald H. Haines
Robert H. Johnson
Charles Keyser
Jerry A. Lamb
Peter Lee
Alfred C. Marble
Robert O. Miller
Robert Moody
Stephen Plummer
Creighton Robertson
Calvin Schofield
William Smalley
Robert G. Tharp
John S. Thornton
Martin Townsend
Vincent Warner
Arthur Williams

Note, signers continue to contact Bishop Haines who drafted the document.
My account here reflects only those know as of nooon on 8/13/98.

Lutibelle of the Lambeth Lepers Belles/Louie

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