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Confronting our ignorance: insult or opportunity

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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 98 5:43:54 EDT

My friend Leslie wrote:
> A bishop in that section did say that the discussion process was
> difficult. Some of the bishops had come to the discussion cold never having
> studied issues of human sexuality. For these bishops the education process
> started at ground zero.

Quite understandably given the obviously more urgent priorities in a areas
wracked by poverty, disease, and famine. 

But watch out, your phrase "ground zero" invites Odessa to accuse you of
racism if you even hint of racial and geographical specifics for those who
on the issues of homosexual orientation start at ground zero. 

Every day of my life I start at ground zero with the new knowledge that I
hope to acquire. Any hope that I have for an education derives from my
willingness to admit and confront what I don't know.  I am not helped out
of my igrnorance at all if I deny it and assume that what I already know
(or even worse, the position that I already hold) is adequate to explain
new experience.  I do not take it as an insult to be shown what I do not
know:  I would take it as a big insult to be isolated from that revelation
out of someone else's fear that I might be too weak to face my ignorance
and do something about it. 

Have faith to be joyous!

Lutibelle of the Lambeth Lepers Belles/Louie

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