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Let Justice Roll Down Like....mitres (Amos W.)

Lambeth is barely half over, and yet some conservatives are beginning to
renege on the commitment to economic justice which they had forged in
pre-Lambeth conferences with bishops from the two-thirds world.

In his first report from the Lambeth Conference, Todd Wetzel, director of
Episcopalians United, trashes Jubilee and debt forgiveness as "a
simple-minded proposal cloaked in the verbiage of religiosity" from
"liberal Western establishment" He calls the discussion an "exercise in
theobabble." Instead, Wetzell calls for the Communion to take "specific
actions and make real sacrifices," but rather than mobilize our clout to
influence action by nations and bankers and those who control the world
economy, Wetzel asks us to throw a few more church dollars at these global
problems. (See his report at http://www.episcopalian.org/eu/uv ) 

For months now bishops with the worst records on racial inclusion* and
with little or no prior record of supporting economic justice have been
cosying up to bishops of color from the two-thirds world ostensibly to
create a coalition of those opposed to including lesbians and gays and in
favor of forgiving debts.  Now that the bishops from the two-thirds world
have stood in solidarity on the sexual issues, those who thrown a few
church dollars to bring them to the conferences like the one in Dallas
have gone back to their more familiar economic tune. 


      Louie Crew, English Dept., Rutgers, Newark, NJ 07102 973-485-4503
           Chair, Rutgers University Senate.  Board of Governors.

               Homosexuality is not a decision; heterosexism is.

   *In http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/blkpr.html#confederacy, I
    demonstrate that nine of the eleven states of the Confederacy, are
    "among the eleven states with the worst record of inclusion of Black
    priests in the Episcopal Church." See
    http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/accuse2!.gif for a map of where the
    25 diocesans live who signed the presentment to bring Bishop Righter
    to trial as a heretic, and
    http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/scarletq.html for other details about
    the confederacy to exclude lesbigays. 

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