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LS: Re: Lambeth, Disillusionment

I'm hurting too, sugar, more than I thought I would ever let them get to
me, but we cannot leave, for we are not here for their approval.  We are
here to love these our enemies, out of the enormous love and affirmation
that we have already received from the One who invites us to the feast.
It's God's feast, not theirs, nor ours.  And whosoever will, may come.

It's to tell that good news that you are called a priest, that I am called
a lay minister.  It is in precisely such times of persecution that we are
enjoined, "Rejoice and be exceedingly glad."  That's not masoschism:
that's an invitation to a Great Hoot!  Have a party, for Christ's sake.  I
will.  I am about to go have lunch with a brilliant new priest in our
diocese, and when I hit the funk again, I shall claw the bottom of the
pool at the Y with my prayers.  Pray for me, and I for you.  And have a

Love, Lutibelle/Louie

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