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BISHOPS ONLINE: Caveat: Anemia

While you are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy how colorful bishops
of the Anglican communion are, you might reflect that only 7 percent of
the bishops in the 1998 Clerical Directory are black. (see my report on
Black Priests of ECUSA at 
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/blkpr.html).  Even that small  presence
will not hold if nominations continue in patterns seen in recent
episcopal elections:  of 153 runners up in the 40 most recent episcopal
elections, only 6 (4%) were black!: 

   1.The Rev. Austin Rellins Cooper, R S Andr 70-. Cleveland, OH. 
     Nominated in: SuffraganSEFl 94 
   2.The Rev. Carolyn Gibson Jones, Assoc for Fam Mnstrs All SS 94-.
Beverly Hills, CA.
     Nominated in: Hawaii 95 
   3.The Rev. Benoni Y Ogwal-abwang, Collegial Bp. Harrisburg, PA. 
     Nominated in: Hawaii 95 
   4.The Rev. Nan Olive Arrington Peete, Assoc Pstr & Outreach Mnstrs
Trin-Wall St 94-.
     New York, NY. Nominated in: NY 97 
   5.The Rev. Paul Ronald Spann, Consult & Sprtl Advsr. Detroit, MI. 
     Nominated in: EMich 96 
   6.The Rev. Bernard Orson Dwight Young, R S Alb Mtyr 77-. St Albans,
NY.  Nominated in: SuffraganLI 96, 

You may see all the runners-up in those 40 elections at 


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