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CWH: Are sinners the enemies of Jesus?

>  > Why did Jesus never have this problem?  Instead, he had the problem of
>  > religious folks constantly carping that he spent his time "with
>  > publicans and sinners."
>     Did he not also have many publicans and sinners who just couldn't stand
>     him because he expected of them something they weren't willing to give,
>     or give up?

True, 'a rich young ruler' had such a problem, but he was hardly
characteristic of the multitudes of the humble and the meek who gathered
about Jesus.  The Bible gives top billing as enemies of Jesus not to the
publicans and sinners, but to the "righteous" and "the religious." Strange
religion ours.  Always has been. Right from the beginning.

>     You state rightly that Jesus spent his time with the publicans and
>     sinners, indeed these were the ones in need of his time, his love, and
>     the reason they had such need was because they had spent their lives
>     moving themselves away from God, and how they were willing to listen to
>     God's voice in Jesus.

You're absolutely right. How wondrous that God uses Jesus's voice to speak
to an old quean like me.  Grace is amazing still. 

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