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CWH: Perceiving respect

>  > But, I have to wonder, is my ability to "show respect" impaired because
>  > of my inability to "affirm"?
> Or is it rather that the other's ability to perceive your respect is
> impaired by their demanding that you affirm what you cannot?

Why did Jesus never have this problem?  Instead, he had the problem of
religious folks constantly carping that he spent his time "with publicans
and sinners."

If I have to wait until you meet my approval before I start loving you,
we'll both be the losers.  Why don't we begin right now.

Most gay folks I know spend enormous amounts of time serving straight
folks -- teaching them chemistry, writing books for them, teaching their
children to sing and dance, cutting out their appendices, designing their
homes, visiting them when they are sick, going to their sacred unions....
I've rarely if ever heard these lesbigays say that first they will have to
let those straight folks know how much they disagree with this or that
about the views they hold or the way that they live their lives.

It really is not hard to love your neighbor who is different once you
understand that the neighbor and you have the same heavenly parent.
That's the source of the only respect worth having.

Joy to you, sugar.  Joy to absolutely everybody!

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