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CWH: The convenience of asking how to best spend limited time

>      To me the hard decisions are not the EITHER/OR decisions; but
> decisions with regards to how to best spend limited time, resources, money,
> etc.  When you say YES to one good thing, you say NO to another good thing
> that perhaps we SHOULD say YES to 

Jesus was concerned with this same problem and illustrated several
possible answers by those who saw the Jew in a ditch in the parable of the
Good Samaritan.  Every human need always comes when there are "other
affairs" to which we may 'safely' rush away.

Jesus told this story in answer to a question very much like the one
raised by this meeting, "Who is my neighbor?" -- raised in the context of
'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.'

Samaritans' status with Jews in Jesus's audience was not unlike the status
of lesbigay with straight conservatives.

What changes do straight conservatives make in their behaviors (not their
beliefs, their behaviors) when they begin to love their lesbigay neighbors
as they love themselves? 


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