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CWH: The bondage of loving Jesus in those we think the least

Thanks, Paul.

Jesus made the same point when he warned against our being concerned with
the mote in our neighbor's eye rather than with the beam in our own.

The conditions under which we all entered this meeting require us not to
argue whether homosexuality is sinful.  Instead, we are discussing how
those who think that it is sinful can be welcoming.   One of the best ways
any Christian can welcome another is to say, "Be among us sinners.  God
loves us, and God loves you."

If you believe that my life-long commitment to Ernest is a sin (and 
it may be), your own sins are going to be forgiven only as you
forgive us; for God most surely intends to answer the Lord's Prayer,
which we have been praying all these centuries.

By the same condition, if it turns out that you are sinning against us
when you treat as evil what Ernest and I believe to be our holy
commitment, Ernest and I still must forgive you and love you, because we
too pray to be forgiven as we forgive those who trespass against us. 

Welcome indeed.  How wondrously God has joined us across our differing
convictions in holy bondage of love and reconciliation!

I notice that some persons are beginning to question whether "welcome" is
really all that important.  Yes, it is.  If you believe it is not,
this is not the meeting that was advertised.  If the Church is not
welcoming, it is not my Father's house. 


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