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QCH: "Don't take that prodigal back!"

> Those people who call themselves the body of Christ are called to
> repent from their sins. Repentance is a 2-step process. First you
> confess and second you amend your life. Without repentence there can
> be no true discipleship and no membership in the body of Christ.

Peyre, you sound like the elder brother insisting that the Father not let
that prodigal back into the family until he showed more evidence of an
amended life.  Even the prodigal expected to have to grovel for a while.
"Why servants in my father's house have...."

I see no signs whatsoever that the love the father bestowed was in
relation to the son's convincing repentance.  He did not even wait to find
out, so glad was he to see him even from afar off.

Repentance is absolutely essential to spiritual health, yes.  I find that
my repentance flows more readily and abundantly in response to grace, in
response to the forgiveness which I have already received quite unrelated
to any merit.  

Repentance does not effect grace:  only God's love does that. I can't
think of a single story in which Jesus asks sinners to grovel, as you seem
to want sinners to do.  I too find it all to easy to grovel, and God often
answers my groveling prayers by saying, "So you want to be forgiven of
your sins:  then forgive your neighbors theirs."  

Often you put yourself forward as the expert on what my sins are and what
I have to do to prove that I have really repented.  Thanks, but no thanks. 
Pray for me that I might have discernment. 

Pray for the church, that it might be a safer place for sinners, for it is
only us sinners whom Jesus came to redeem.  The Righteous have no such
need, Scripture warns us. 

Joy to you!


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