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[edot] the Texas deputation to GC

> << Are you saying that your diocese sends people to General Convention who
>  have no right to represent your diocese?  If so, why not try to replace
>  them?  That would seem a much saner course of action than the mutiny which
>  you seem to proscribe.  There is hardly a more democratic process in all
>  of Christendom than we enjoy in ECUSA.   Why not put yourself forward to
>  be a deputy? >>
> Louie,
> You might want to check the voting record of the deputation from Texas before
> accusing us of anything.
> Mary MacGregor
> Deputy to General Convention, 1997

Mary, I was not accusuing your deputation.  I was pointing out that your
diocese does have vote and voice, as my correspondent seemed to forget.

I respect you and my other colleagues from your deputation and am glad
that I do not hear any of you (or us) threatening to leave whenever the
Convention may not vote as you or we might want. 

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify my point further.


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