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[edot] "Charity won't cut it anymore" (EA)

> What does it take for people to desert the self-deception they are "courting",
> and wake up to the fact that something is being corrupted before their very 
> eyes?
> And, the Church in which they have been so comfortable and complacent will be 
> no more?  Spiritual warfare is raging; trite phrasing of Christian love and 
> charity won't cut it anymore.  I pray that God lifts up a "Winnie" for this 
> war.
> Regretfully,
> Elaine Alley

Elaine, sugar,

We're only sissies.  Even if our faith turns out to be completely
worthless as you judge it, surely you don't need to blast the entire
church apart with schism merely because we are no longer bounced at the
door of all parishes.  

Why don't we join together instead, telling the whole world how much God
loves them.  Likely they won't believe us about God's love until you and I
start loving them first.


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