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RE: Foreign Anglicans join in 'provocative' protest against same-sex blessings

A few people are over-reacting dramatically to what is going on in New
Westminster.  The Anglican Communion has rarely had uniformity of practice
or doctrine.  If every parish were to leave, over practices and beliefs
with which they dramatically disagree somewhere else in the Communion, we
would not have a communion left.  Nothing of this is new, except possibly
more people now know more of the diversity of practice and belief than
knew before the internet, and than knew before a powerful and rich
coalition of opponents to this one type of variation began organizing fear

Perfect love casts out such fear.

I grieve that your friend is taking his parish outside the Communion.  I
hope that those from whom they depart will remain ready to receive them
back with open arms whenever they are ready to return.

I hope that you will witness to them yourself about why you do not share
their views but care deeply about them.  As you indicate, sometimes people
react in horror to homosexual persons because they have been taught to
respond that way.  If I believe lesbian and gay people to be what these
people say, I would respond in horror too.  That kind of horror cannot
survive the truth about lesbian and gay Christians.   But they will not
like get near lesbian and gay Christians until they see straight
Christians whom they value and respect doing so.

Christianity was ever thus.  God continually takes those who are despised,
who are outcast, who are untouchables, and says, 'As often as you do it to
the least of these, you do it unto me.'  This is the hard love that Christ
manifested from the Cross to absolutely everybody.  It does not have to be
merited; indeed, it cannot be merited.  It can only be received and passed
on to others.

May God bless your courageous witness.

Love, Lutibelle/Louie

> Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 23:07:00 +0800
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> To: 'Louie Crew' <lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
> Subject: RE: Foreign Anglicans join in 'provocative' protest against
>     same-sex blessings

> [Regarding Diocese of New Westminster in Canada -- LC]
> It is heartbreaking. I personally know the Chinese vicar of one of the
> eight Chinese congregations which are planning to separate themselves 
> from the Diocese. The vicar has just come to Hong Kong for a few days 
> for sharing his ministry there. This priest and I belonged to the same 
> parish in Hong Kong when we were young. He is sincere, kind, devoted, having
> integrity, but he cannot accept homosexuality because the Bible says it 
> is wrong. When he spoke of this in front of about 30 clerics, he assumed 
> all those present would agree with him. I did not talk about my stance to 
> him, presuming he might not be interested to think about the issue from
> different angle.

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