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Re: [HoB/D] We're here for you

Regarding "We Are Here for You" -- the new slogan to replace The 
Episcopal Church Welcomes You"  see Episcopal Parish Services at

"Are" (in "'re") is intransitive.  It names no action and promises no
action should you show up.

"Are" and other forms of "to be" routinely turn active verbs into
passives.  Nost good journalists use passives sparingly.

Yet bureaurats love the passive.  Consider the client who goes to the
bureaucrat to request a transcript of her account.  The bureaucrat might

	"I have lost your account"

but don't hold your breath waiting for such candor and responsibility.
More likely the bureaucrat will say,

	"Your account been lost."

Notice that the bureaucrat no longer names the agent and no longer takes
responsibility.  The bureaucrat does not even volunteer what the client
might do next.

The most accomplished bureaucrats will go one step farther:

	"There has been a loss of your account."

Some pay as much as $30K a year for a graduate education to learn
to write like that.

The action is buried in a noun, and the syntax no longer invites the
response "Who lost them?"

"The Episcopal Church welcomes you!": "Welcome" is an active verb.

May God help us be the agents of that verb.


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