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Re: the actions of the Diocese of Westminster

>  I have one thing to tell you regarding the vote in favour of same sex
> in the Diocese of New West Minister Anglican Church of Canada.  It is
> joy for those people Satan has blindfold their eyes but it is a great
> sorrow for those who sincerely know God and his order of creation.  I am
> asking you for this, when you read through Genesis 19:1-ff., what do you
> think made God here to Destroy the people of Sodom?

When Jesus referred to the sin of Sodom (Matthew 10:15), he referred to
the sin of inhospitality, not sexuality, as the source of God's wrath.

Heterosexuals do not draw their conclusions about their own sexuality by
the events in Sodom.  I have not heard any heterosexual Christians suggest
that we should throw out daughters to the marauding rapists.  Why overlook
the problematic aspects of that story when they are heterosexual but not
when they are homosexual?

I know hundreds of lesbians and gays, and have never met one that
identifies with the hostile crowd in Sodom.  I am sure that homosexual
rapists do exist, but I would not define heterosexuals by the behavior of
heterosexual rapists.  Why would you define homosexuals by the behavior of
homosexual rapists?

>  Absolutely, their vote to bless same sex will bring the wrath of God on
> the Church because that is not the will of God for his Holy Church
> purified by the blood of the lamb.

If the couples whom the Diocese of West Minister blesses behave
as the men of Sodom, yes.  That's not their intent as judged by good
Christians who know them the best.

> That is only the lust and desire of
> mankind to do what they want and a direct rebellion against God.

My 28-year+ commitment to Ernest is not defined by lust, but by love.  We
made the same vows that you and your spouse made.

> We
> will not comprise with that decision of those in New West Minister
> Diocese.  I as a person has no interest in that decision.  It is only
> human lust.  What witness does it have for Christ who died for our sins?
> We have to suffer for him and to carry his cross but not to promote
> human lust.

The Church promotes lust when it lumps as the same those who live a
promiscuous life and those who live a life of monogamous commitment before
God and before the Christian community.  The church too often is happy
when homosexual persons live down to the church's expectations.  The
Church reserves its worst hostility to homosexuals who are committed to
living wholesome lives in life-commitments.

> Indeed Jesus is love but not He does not condor evil in His
> Church.  Since he died to purify the Church, we must not dirten the
> Church with human interest.  The Church has to change the world.

I agree.  Faithful loving relationships -- be they homosexual or
heterosexual -- are a strong counterstatement against predatory and
licentious behavior.

> Why do
> we allow Satan into the Church?  My interest in you only is for the
> wonderful service you offer to the world but not what you have adhered
> to.  I want to help you to change and suffer for Christ who died for you
> sins.  If you abandon same sex and live a celibate life, you will be
> acceptable to God.  Work for peace for the Diocese that are suffering.
> I have said this because things are happening that were never there
> before.  Know that the second coming of Christ is at the door and your
> door.

Even so come, Lord Jesus.

When He does come again, I do not intend to tell him how good I have been.
Do you?  I do not feel that my life with Ernest is a sin; if I did, I
would indeed leave him.   However, I could be wrong about that, and I have
no interest in audaciously saying "Let me in; I am right about
homosexuality."  Do you intend to say,  "Let me in; I am right about
sexuality"?   I will plead, "Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner."

May God be merciful to us both.  May we too love mercy.

Joy to you!


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