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[HoB/D] Scholar chosen at ETSSw then turned down because she's a lesbian in a committed relationship

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Sent:	Monday, February 04, 2002 8:53 AM
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Subject:	Homiletics Search

To: ETSS and LSPS Students:
Re: The Homiletics Search

Thank you for your participation in and patience with the search process
for Professor of Homiletics.  I know how eager you have been to receive
word of the resolution of the Search. In November, the Search Committee
recommended the Rev. XXXXXX XXXXXXX to the Dean.  The Chairman of the
Board and the Executive Committee decided that her name would not be
brought forward to the Board of Trustees because she was living in a
committed relationship with another woman.  In light of the complications
of this matter, the Dean and Faculty have decided to suspend the
homiletics search. Discussion about the issues arising from this search
will take place at the February Board of Trustees meeting.

We plan to have a meeting during the Community Hour on February 11 to
provide more information and to discuss together the various ways this
affects our community.  I am sorry not to be able to tell you better news.
I expect that members of the Search Committee will be willing to answer
your questions about the process.  Thank you again for the respectful and
responsible way in which you have participated in this search.

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