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A moveable feast

Our 28th anniversary is tomorrow, but since Ernest will be working a
flight to Glasgow over the weekend, we moved the feast to last night to
our favorite restaurant, Scalini's in Chatham.  With all its elegance, it
is still byob, so we broke out a bottle of Dom Perrier given us four years
ago.  The house starter was a shrimp in safron sauce.  The three breads
were raisin, sour dough, and olive. For the first course he had fois gras, 
and I had pasta with a medley of rabbit and venison.  The house interlude
was a strawberry with clotted cream. My main course was a huge veal
chop in a thick cream sauce with oyster mushrooms, carrots, and baby
asparagus;  his was a whole lobster out of the shell with diced apple.  
The house provided a tart sorbet (orange and pineapple) to clean the
palate.  We chose the same dessert, caramelized banana in a flaky pastry
topped with caramel ice cream.



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