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Celebrating the ministry of women as priests in ECUSA

January 1st was the 25th anniversary of regular ordinations of women in
the Episcopal Church, the first having been The Rev.  Jacqueline Alline
Means of the Diocese of Indianapolis, ordained priest on 1/1/77.  Jacque
now serves on the staff of the Boshop Suffragan for Armed Services.  Last
week a service and a reception at the Episcopal Church Center marked that
happy occasion.

It is important to remember all these early pioneers.  First, we have the
Philadelpia Eleven, ordained 7/29/74:

The Rev. Merrill Bittner
The Rev. Dr. Alla Renee Bozarth
The Rev. Alison Mary Cheek
The Rev. Emily Clark Hewitt
The Rev. Dr. Carter Isabel Heyward
The Rev. Suzanne Radley Hiatt
The Rev. Marie Moorefield Fleischer
The Late Rev. Janette Piccard
The Rev. Betty Bone Schiess
The Re.  Katrina Martha van Alstyne Welles Swanson
The Rev. Nancy Constantine Hatch Wittig

Then the Washington Four, ordained September 1975:

The Rev. Eleanor Lee Mcgee
The Rev. Alison Palmer
The Rev. Betty Powell (Rosenberg)
The Rev. Diane Baldwin Tickell

Then we have the others 25 years ago in the first six months ordinations
were "legal."  My list excludes anyone dead by 1997, the year I broke the
code on the electronic CLERICAL DIRECTORY. It also excludes those who
never got listed there, such as many who never were in the Church Pension
Fund, the main keeper of ordination/deployment data:

In January 1977:

The Rev. Dr. Carol Linda Anderson
The Rev. Mary Sterrett Anderson
The Rev. Dr. Ellen Marie Barrett
The Rev. Mary Belfry Hansley
The Rev. Susan Estelle Bergmans
The Rev. Martha Grace Gobdel Blacklock
The Rev. Marianne Bogel
The Rev. Peggy Bosmyer-campbell
The Rev. Janet Kelly Brown
The Rev. Virginia Dabney Brown
The Rev. Beryl Turner Choi
The Rev. Letitia Church Croom
The Rev. Carole Anne Crumley
The Rev. Columba Gilliss
The Rev. Victoria Theresa Hatch
The Rev. Daphne Wolcott Parker Hawkes
The Rev. Dr. Flora Angel Keshgegian
The Rev. Alice B Mann
The Rev. Keith Elizabeth Mathews
The Rev. Dr. Ellen LaFleur Mcilroy
The Rev. Jacqueline Alline Means
The Rev. Beverly Ann Messenger-harris
The Rev. Elizabeth Williams Myers
The Rev. Mary Michael Simpson
The Rev. Carol Moore Chamberlain
The Rev. Doris Ellen Mote
The Rev. Dr. Marilyle Sweet Page
The Rev. Abigail Wootton Hamilton
The Rev. Patricia Laura Merchant
The Rev. Margaret Bird Caldwell Phillimore
The Rev. Blanche Lee Powell
The Rev. Marjory Keith Quinn
The Rev. Mary (Molly) Almy Bidwell
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Powell Rosenberg
The Rev. Fleming Parker Rutledge
The Rev. Dr. Barbara Jeanne Hartley Schlachter
The Rev. Julia Pearson Sibley
The Rev. Marilyn Jeanne Sproat
The Rev. Judith Elizabeth Upham
The Rev. Tanya Vonnegut-beck
The Rev. Elizabeth Phenix Wiesner

In February 1977:

The Rev. Frances Catherine Baur Bickerton
The Rev. Dr. Wendy Martin Smith
The Rev. Elsa Phyllis Walberg
The Rev. Constance Chandler-ward
The Rev. Theresa Altmix Wajnert

In March 1977:

The Rev. Joan Phyllis Grimm
The Rev. Alice Elizabeth Duffy Babin
The Rev. Susan Patricia Mills
The Rev. Kathryn Ann Piccard
The Rev. Joan Adams Shelton
The Rev. Dr. Georgia Shoberg Cohen
The Rev. Noreen Priscilla Suriner
The Rev. Anne Slade Newbegin Webb

In April 1977:

The Rev. Jule Carlyle Gill
The Rev. Linda L Grenz
The Rev. Helen Markley Morris Havens
The Rev. Sandra Blanche Michels
The Rev. Margaret Ann Muncie
The Rev. Dr. Virginia M Sheay

In May 1977:

The Rev. Mary Idella Beale
The Rev. Margaret Lee Ferry
The Rev. Eloise Eubanks Lester
The Rev. Shirley Ruth Frese Woods

In June 1977:

The Rev. Meredith Hunt
The Rev. Margaret Helen Merrell
The Rev. G Lois Pinneo-hoy
The Rev. Margaret Sue Reid
The Rev. Evelyn Elizabeth Seymour

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