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RE: [HoB/D] Carroll Simcox

I was quite fond of Dr. Carroll Simcox too.  The Living Church (TLC) under
his editorship was one of the first church publications to accept a
manuscript from me, in 1974. *1*  Dr. Simcox felt I was too harsh with a
minor reference I made maligning the White Citizens Council.  He said a
woman in Alabama had persuaded him that members of the White Citizens
Council were honorable.  Nevertheless, he allowed my criticism to stand when
I objected to his proposal to cut it.

At the end of the same year I founded Integrity and in the following summer
(1975) the Chicago chapter held our first national convention at St. James
Cathedral. Dr. Simcox wrote an editorial welcoming the conference as a
healthy way of bringing the subject and the people into the open.  A year
later Dr. Simcox invited The Rev. Dr. Robert Cooper (then still a professor
at Nashotah) and me (then a professor in a small black college in rural
Georgia)  to write pro/con pieces on "Homosexuality" *2*.

Through the years Dr. Simcox and I continued to correspond occasionally,
always with mutual respect, almost never agreeing on the subjects at hand.

Dr. Simcox styled himself as a 'curmudgeon,' so I don't want to romanticize
him as someone who was "sweet."  He wrote his opinions directly and
forcefully.  A colleague of mine likes saying, "Of a literary work, a
'gentleman' can say only 'It's nice."  According to that definition, Dr.
Simcox was no gentleman.

I remember being quite upset once when he replied to a private letter of
mine saying that I had been "irenic."  I had not been ironic at all. I
promptly replied that as least he ought to learn to spell the word properly!
I suppose he's still laughing that. ignorant of the word "irenic." I
attacked him for paying me a genuine compliment!

I miss Carroll Simcox.  He talked to you, not through you or beyond you.  He
did not demand that you agree with him before he took you seriously.

Louie, Newark deputy

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

*1*  "Dr. Martin Luther King:  A White Southerner's Perspective." TLC 168.1
(1974): 9; now at

*2*  Mine Dr. Simcox called "Homosexuality:  An Integrity Leader's View" TLC
173.5 (1976): 8; now at

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