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Re: The Advent Letter and Forbearance

  • Subject: Re: The Advent Letter and Forbearance
  • From: Louie Crew <>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 11:04:03 -0500 (EST)

Thank you for sharing your perspective.  It is helpful.

I have not for one moment agreed to the compromises of GC 2006:  I was the
first person at the microphone when Resolution B033 was introduced, and I
warned that it is a sin to tell the Holy Spirit whom the Holy Spirit may or
may not tap for leadership.

I have said clearly and often that the current moratoria on ordinations and
blessings are evil and bear false witness about God, who loves absolutely

I hope that GC 2009 will say loudly and clearly, 'Enough already.'

It is too early for anyone to know what GC 2009 will do.  Events which will
much affect the votes are still to happen, notably Lambeth 2008 plus likely
continued invasions of TEC....

The fulminations of the opposition seem likely to continue unabated
regardless of what TEC does;  the absolutism of the opposition has become a
large disincentive for those who would otherwise continue to be willing to
sacrifice lgbts full inclusion as a 'temporary' means of appeasing the

I do not have a clear sense of where this will lead.  I agree with you that
the Anglican Communion of the past is of the past, over and done with.
Something new is emerging.

I too oppose the use of a covenant to create a curia.  We already have a
splendid covenant -- the baptismal covenant -- and would do well to invest
more of our energy in trying to live what we pledge therein.

I believe that a covenant that attempts to establish new criteria for
membership in the Anglican Communion will not receive the required
two-thirds vote of the 38 provinces. In any case, that process takes several
years even when faced with Dr. Dubya's urgent support of it.

Many provinces will recognize that any policy set up to make it easier to
punish TEC can be used just as easily against them when their local
application of the Gospel gives offense.  Over a meal ask any of your
friends from Africa, Asia, or South America to describe how their colonial
masters used official policy to manipulate them.

We in TEC are naive to think we are the first to be bullied in the
Communion. Much of the animus against TEC is driven, unconsciously or
consciously, by revenge. At Lambeth 98 bishops of color constituted a
majority for the first time.  The current conflict is pay back time for the
evils of colonialism.  Any abuses toward TEC pale in comparison to the
abuses of colonialism, including slavery and its continued consequences unto
the 10th or 12th generations.

The current power plays would have happened without the opportunity to rally
to oppose lgbts.  LGBTS are just convenient, because you can rally more
people to hate them than to hate almost any other group calling itself
Christian.  So oppressed are lgbts in much of the Communion, that Christian
leaders in most of the Communion genuinely think they don't have any in
their congregations.  When they attack lgbts, they think they're attacking
only foreigners.

We who still benefit from the spoils of colonialism should use any sackcloth
and ashes imposed upon us not to repent of +NH, but to repent of the
Communion's imprimatur for centuries of Britain's an America's pillage of
the economies of their empires and denigration of the people.

However, guilt is destructive, not redemptive.  The best repentance is to do
justice and to live in solidarity with those whom we or our forebears have
abused.  Far better than tears and weeping and wailing is a good mind and a
check book committed to righting injustice.

You ask where we should draw the line about how much abuse we are willing to
take in support of 'unity.' Here are some of my own notions in that regard:

* We should not tolerate using any as scapegoats, and certainly not those
arleady hated and vulnerable.

* The TEC should not agree to any new moritoria. The current moritoria
expire at GC 2009.

* TEC should stay at the table until we are expelled from the table.

There is no constitutional way to expel a member province.  Those who try to
do so will be making up the process as they go.  That is dangerous.  Hard
cases do not make good law.  Those who try to expel us, may find that their
support diminishes when the proposal goes to all 38 provinces for approval.
But not until two-thirds of the 38 provinces ratify our expulsion, should we
withdraw.  Don't cast the first stone for them.  Draw the line in the sand
and stare them down the way Jesus did.

* TEC should pay our dues for the basic administration of the ACC and we
should support all programs for education, relief..... of the Communion.  We
should not give a dime to fund primates' meetings nor any other expense that
works to diminish the mission and ministry of TEC.

* TEC should vigorously expose the ABC's capitulation to bullies, his
refusal to meet with lgbt leadership in TEC, his repeated ignorance of and
disdain for the polity of the General Convention....  He has behaved
ignominiously torwards lesbians and gays in TEC.  He has not visited with
us.  He has demonstrated no compassion.  With so much fuss about us, you'd
think he'd travel to meet people one-on-one and come to conclusions based on
observing us at work in our ministries. He rarely gives us the time of day,
except for the time in Abuja.

* Confrontation must always be done in a straight-forward way, without
malice.  We do not honor ourselves or our adversaries if we refuse to use
our democratic obligation to speak out and instead remain silent out of a
false sense of decorum or as a cowardly substitute to pay for our past sins
of colonialism.

* TEC should studiously avoid rancor as one can do only when one fervently
and continuously seeks to see God in the face of adversaries.  When we bring
our anger or our pain and try to dump it on others, we destroy rather than
build up the people of God.  As wrong as our adversaries may be -- or as
wrong as we ourselves may be -- all lose when anyone increases the poisons
in the body politic.

It would always be easy to love our neighbors as ourselves if we could just
pick and choose our neighbors, but God's realm is not a gated community.

Jesus is coming again in the midst of this mess, even as he did the first
time; come let us adore him by loving our enemies as we love ourselves.

We put our souls at great risk if without truly meaning it we bid God to use
the same standard in judging us that we use in judging those who trespass
against us.



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