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Re: the hammer falls

Please, please note that the Presiding Bishop said nothing about taking away
John David Schofield's pension.   That would be against federal law.

The Presiding Bishop asked only for him to clarify his expectations about
continuing contributions to the pension.  Obviously no additional
contributions can continue to be made to a pension of someone no longer an
Episcopalian.  I see nothing petty or small about asking him to clarify his
understanding of his status.

John David Schofield turned 69 on October 6th.  He was ordained a priest in
May 1964, and thus has been contributing to the Church Pension Fund for 43.5
years, and at the salary of a bishop since his consecration in 1988.   No
one needs to express the slightest concern about the adequacy of the pension
to which he is now entitled.

I have made a similar inquiry of 2006 deputies from San Joaquin, asking
whether the diocese  elected deputies to 2009, or even nominated persons for
those positions.  Mine are not mean or petty questions.  I collect the names
of all newly elected deputies and post them unofficially on my website.  I
have done so for five previous conventions   It will help clarify what San
Joaquin think they have done if we know how they understand their current
relations to TEC.

One deputy from that diocese serves as the Province 8 representative to
Executive Council.  I have also written him to ask whether he still
considers himself a member of TEC and/or of Executive Council?  If he is no
longer a member of TEC, Executive Council will need to elect a lay
replacement from Province 8 to represent the province through the rest of
the triennium.  If the current representative voted against the departure
and chose to be part of the continuing Episcopal Church, Executive Council
will not need to act.

No one in San Joaquin has yet responded to my queries.


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