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[LS] TBLGQ children of God

XXXXXX, how welcoming are most Integrity chapters to TBLGQ people?  What
percentage of the Integrity membership do you reckon to interact
significantly as friends of TBLGQ persons, not just in group settings?

God has put several people directly into my life as friends who later turned
out to be transgendered.  I did not feel hostile, but kept thinking, "This
'issue' needs to be met on someone else's watch; the 'church' still has
trouble enough dealing with 'us' and is certainly not ready to deal with

My resistance persisted far too long even after persons, not issues,
interacted with me as friends.   Pre-judgment rarely _seems_ like prejudice
when it is a judgment that _I_ have made on what _I_ presume to be
_rational_ grounds.   How embarrassing to come face to face with my own

How do I move from guilt, which helps no one, to solidarity?

I remember asking a transgendered friend, "What do the transgendered want
from the church?  I feel embarrassed not to know already, but I know of no
better way to find out than to admit I don't know and to ask you to tell

"Well I want liturgy to support us, for starters," she said.

I was not expecting that.  "Liturgy?!  What kind of liturgy?"

"I did not grow up in a religious family," my friend replied.  "We were
Unitarians, but not very active.  After I got to college, I stopped going to
church altogether.  But in my childhood, I can remember kneeling by my bed
night after night to pray, 'God, when I wake up in the morning, please let
me be a girl.'   Decades later no one in my family, no friends even were
with me on the night when I was in the hospital to prep for my surgical
reassignment the next morning.  I got down on my knees beside the bed and
prayed again, 'God, when I wake up in the morning, please let me be a
woman.' And I knew it would be so."

"Liturgy?" I repeated, "from the Church?!  You have far more liturgy to give
to the Church than the Church has to give you.   You have described death,
burial, and resurrection.  You have described baptism.  You can bless us far
more than we can bless you."


Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

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