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RE: [HoB/D] Humor regarding your posting on State of the church (fwd)

> Louie:
> What a gracious and heartfelt example of your "Inclusivity" !!.
> Presumably this is meant to be a cartoon representation of your
> view of all priests who stand for the Faith as Handed Down.

I have no objection to anyone who wants to see herself or himself in the
youtube production, I applied it only to Archbishop Venables.

Nor would I for a moment exclude the Archbishop from the Communion merely
because I find some of his recent behavior ludicrous. We are all ludicrous
from time to time, and I pray in advance for grace-filled resilience when I
am next exposed.

I want to be in the same Communion with Archbishop Venables.  I have the
distinct impression, however, that he does not enjoy being in the same
Communion with folks like me.  Otherwise, why all the fuss?

I am even happy to support the Archbishop's right to proclaim my exclusion,
so long as he doesn't start stealing property or jurisdiction from those who
disagree with him.

The best reply to bad speech is better speech, or laughter, or silence, but
not censorship.

Never surrender your funny bone. That would be very dangerous spiritually.

Nor do I concede that the Archbishop and you who agree with him are the only
ones "who stand for the Faith as Handed Down."  With my Samaritan ancestors,
I stand right there with you.  We all need one another.

I am currently reading POINT TO POINT NAVIGATION, the most recent of several
memoirs by Gore Vidal. In it Federico Fellini told Vidal, "I picked     
Alberto Sordi [for the film ROMA], because he is so cruel."   Remembering 
Fellini's remark over 30 years later, Vidal notes:   "An odd characterization.
Sordi was a superb comic actor, whom one did not associate with cruelty.  
But then, at the core of comedy there is indeed a level of sharp observation 
that the ones observed might easily regard as cruel."

Of course, humor vanishes the moment we analyze it.   I'll revive it afresh
by watching again  The actor is
extraordinary as an understudy for Archbishop Venables.

Choose another film if this one does not strike your fancy.  It's no big
deal not to share the same taste, or point of view.  How dull the world
would be if we all did!

Newark L1 in 06

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