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[LS] Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel

I am reading INFIDEL, the fascinating autobiography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a
Somali woman, now about 39, who recently served as a member of the Dutch
parliament.  I first heard about her while watching local TV in Amsterdam
while with Ernest on one of his working flights.  She supported herself
while a student at the University of Leiden by becoming a licensed
interpreter, and was constantly on call at jails, hospitals, the homes of
battered and murdered women.... She closely observed the abuse that Islam
through the Koran encourages against women.  

She notes that Christianity
once took similar views, that Holland, which she experiences as enormously
liberating, went through its religious wars, and in the name of religion
brought us the slave trade, apartheid.....  Yet, she notes, early
free-thinkers, most notably Spinoza, sought refuge there, and since the end of
the Enlightenment no European state has been  beholden to the religious who 
want to throw the state into war over their beliefs.  Islam, she notes, 
has not yet experienced enlightenment.  She is quite critical of liberals 
who allow the abuse of women to go unchecked in Muslim enclaves of Holland 
on grounds that it is culturally affirming.

After 911 she listened closely to quotations from the Koran by Osama Ben
Laden, and said to herself, 'But that's not in the Koran."  She checked.
Everything he said about making war on the infidels is in the Koran.  She
had never been encouraged to look at all of the Bible (excuse me, the Koran)
critically, but had, like most Christians (excuse me, Muslims) been given
edited versions of it that ignored enormous amounts of violence.

She insists that Holland  should not fund separate Muslim schools, but give 
all Muslims, especially females, an opportunity to think for themselves.  
She notes that the Muslim schools are major ways fundamentalists use to
indoctrinate students for violence.

Award-winning Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh made a powerful 10-minute film
which Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote -- in which veiled women at prayer dare to talk
to Allah about the physical suffering they are enduring at the hands of men
taking the license that the Koran gives them.   You can watch the film online 
and I urge you to do so.  Most of it is in English after the opening, at  Van Gogh was murdered by those who objected to
the film.

I also encourage you to rent and view LICENSED TO KILL, by Vietnamese
American Arthur Dong -- a documentary of several men on death row for the
murder of gay men, all of whom cite Scripture as giving them a license to
kill, and it does.  Every verse that Fred Phelps puts on his hateful
placards is in the Book.  

Never has it been more important to follow the first and forgotten
commandment, to love God with our minds.  It is enormously important to have
conversations with God about some of the things being spread around as
"'his' word."

L1 Newark 2006

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

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