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The Largest Congregations in The Episcopal Church

I have just done a massive update of my report on the largest congregations
of our church, which appears in two parts, at and

I correlate their rankings by Average Sunday Attendance and by number of
communicants.  I link to the website of each parish and to the incumbent. I
reveal the incument's length of tenure, and age.

I show lists and summaries by diocese as well.

I give special thanks to Dr. Kirk Hadaway, chief researcher for the Church
Center and to Ms. Susie Erdey who oversees the preparation of the CLERICAL
DIRECTORY for the Church Pension Fund.  Without their work and their
encouragement, my report would be impossible.

Here are a few summary statistics:

   ....57 (25.6%) of the 223 congregations reporting 1,000+ communicants 
   failed to show up in the list of the congregations with the best attendance. 
   45.4% of the congregations with the best attendance reported fewer than
   1,000 communicants. ....

   During the decade 1996-2006, the total number of communicants in the 
   Episcopal Church increased from 1,645,000 to 1,749,073 -- an increase of

   104,073 (6.3%). 

   21.4% of all Episcopalians are members of churches with 1,000 or more 
   communicants, yet those 223 congregations represent only 2.9% of all 
   Episcopal churches. 

   The 7,635 congregations of TEC average 229 confirmed communicants


   The priests listed here have been at the same place for an average
   of 8.3 years. The mean tenure is 7.0 years.

   Thirteen (5.8%) are African American....

   Fourteen (6.3% -- up from only 1.8% in 2002!) are female....

With any project of this size, there will be errors.  Persons are changing
jobs all along.  As you spot errors, please send me private email about

One of the saddest parts of this update was the removal of listings for
several very large parishes alas no longer with us, at least for a season. I
miss them and hope they will return.

Meanwhile, Jesus is coming again.  Rather than try to look busy, may we fill
our hearts and imaginations with great expectations.


Clerk of the vestry of Grace Church in Newark, a small and wondrous parish

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