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Deputy elections; Dates of diocesan conventions

I have posted the results of 9 of the earliest elections at

By the end of October, almost half of the 2009 deputies will have
elected. Dates of diocesan conventions appear at

Usually I learn the results and post them within 24 hours.

Several things you might consider doing:

o run to be a deputy from your diocese. One colleague told me
that in the election in his diocese this week, there are only
enough candidates to fill the slots, not enough to fill the
alternate positions, which they will elect next year.
That's rare, but not unheard of.

o encourage others to run.

o write letters to those who are nominated (see your diocesan
website) and ask them whether they support blessings of
lgbt unions and consents to lgbts who have been properly
elected as bishops

o send to me private messages regarding what you learn about
the positions of those who have been elected

o Google for each elected deputy and find out all that you
can on their life, not only in the church, but also in the
civic area. Recently I learned that a major adversary
is a national leader in the movement to help compulsive
gamblers. We've begun a good friendship that humanizes
him to me and me to him.

o set up your a group list of emails on your mailer in
which you have the email address of your bishop and your
deputies (I list most of those with my list of deputations;
often you can find others on your diocesan website).
Occasionally send to those in your list items that you
believe they would find informative. Always show the
source of the materials you share (including the web

o join with other lgbts in your diocese to host an event
at which the deputies will be able to model the process
of listening to lgbts. Check your diocesan calendar ahead
of time to avoid a conflict with any event the deputies
are likely to attend. Be sure to include social time.
Be as welcoming as possible.

o alert you deputation to events in the lgbt community,
especially those that will give them opportunities to learn
about and support forums for our civil rights

o make your own calendar of birthdays and anniversaries for
all members of your deputation. I have a master calendar
at You can
glean most of yours by searching that site for your
diocese. Send them clever cards, cards that they will
enjoy and remember. As you celebrate their anniversaries,
let them know when you and your partner will next celebrate
your anniversary.

o take your favorite deputy out to lunch or to a play or movie
at least once a year.

o pray for those in your deputation by name as you do this
important work. Prayer will keep you focused.

o do all of these things because you love Jesus, not because
you will consider deputies important only if they
agree with you. Leave conversion to the Holy Spirit. Our
job is to plan seeds.

o enJoy! Don't do any of this out of grumpiness or stinginess.


Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, E. Orange, NJ 07018
973-395-1068 Lutibelle's Pew on CD

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