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RE: [HoB/D] A moratorium-- what was asked for all along

> Am I missing something here? Now I have to admit that I don't read every
> last post on this meeting, but didn't GC 2006 pass BO33 which states 
> basically the same thing written by the HoB at their NO meeting? 

> That resolution didn't seem to have the ABC's approval at shortly after 
> the GC, why should it be different now. Do those who didn't think that 
> the language was "clear" at that time now think that it is clear? 
> What is going on?

B033 did not specify whose manner of life might present a challenge to the
greater communion.  The HoB statement makes it specific that the bishops are
talking about queers.

The manner of life of House of Bishops itself presents a challenge to the
anyone with a conscience: lying is not usually considered a virtue. In their
statement the bishops claim that lesbians and gays have an equal place in
TEC, and in the same document they show precisely how lesbians and gays do
not have an equal place.

"How can they do this?" someone asked on another list.

"It's easy once you get the knack of it," I replied.

People on all sides of the divide have frequently said that homosexuality is
only the presenting issue, not the major cause of our current conflict, yet
the HoB statement addresses only the one issue, and that was enough to get
everyone except Charles Bennison to vote alike and approve the statement.

Queers united the HoB.  Scapegoating wins again.  Strange.  Stranger still,
most of the bishops congratulated themselves.


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