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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
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RE: [HoB/D] The Gospel

> Very good points, Tom, we don~Rt want to be Pharisees who can't see the
> possibility of forgiveness for those whom we deem outcast - but the woman
> in the gospel is asking for forgiveness and adoring the one who has shown
> her, obviously, in some way we do not know about, the fact that 
> forgiveness is possible for her.

XXXXXX, bless your heart, you are always so predictably stingy.  Like the
host, you are quick to see the woman's sin, not her love.  Jesus did NOT 
turn to her and say,

"Darling, speak loudly so that Simon won't misunderstand me; repeat after
me, 'Since my last confession I have ...., ......, ......, ......, ......,
........ '  And Simon, you listen too.  There will be no cheap grace here.
  Good people like you will not have to do time in heaven with the
riff-raff until I have certified for once and all that they are no longer
riff-raff, but fine, upstanding and proper people like you.  Now pass me
some more of that delicious leg of lamb if you will be so kind."

My father ran the poverty program in three counties of Northeast Alabama
and every month when they gave out the surplus commodities to the poorest
folks, inevitably 3-4 concerned citizens would call to complain that
cadillacs were parked outside and that their precious taxes should not be
used to give away groceries to the rich.    Dad always thanked them and
then patiently asked whether the cars matched the cars that he had
registered.  "The green one with license plate XYXXX10 belongs to Mrs. W.
P. Acker from Grace Church who has volunteered to drive people who have no
transportation.  The blue 2-door one belongs to Mrs. Harold Hess from St.
Michael's......."  One by one he would go down the list he had carefully
collected of the fine cars of the volunteers.

As far as the east is from the west Jesus has separated me from my sins. 
You can't snatch them back, and I sorta wonder why you keep trying.  I
know what they are, and I have told Jesus about them over and over, but he
keeps saying, "Don't you understand?:  I love you!"

Jesus says that to absolutely every sinner like me.  Earwax can be
spiritually dangerous.


Louie, saved by grace, amazing still

Newark deputy

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison, 12D, East Orange, NJ 07018

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