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Re: Hate Crime at Grace Church

Thanks, David, for assuring that I would know about this.

What disgusting behavior!  I enjoyed Father Armstrong's gracious sense of
humor in responding to it, according to another account I read.  I am glad
that he is agile and ducked in time.

I am not as gracious as Father Armstrong in responding to The assailant.  I
feel the clown should be made to lick a pie from a floor (cleaned of course)
and then sentenced to selling pies on the street to raise money for any
program that Grace & St. Stevens has for feeding the poor.


On May 7 9:24am ************ wrote:

> Hate Crime at Grace Church
> An unidentified man interrupted today's 9:00 am service at Grace Church &
> St. Stevens in Colorado Springs. As the Reverend Don Armstrong was
> preaching, the man entered through the side door closest to the pulpit and
> threw a pie at him. Fr. Armstrong ducked, and the pie fell ineffectively
> in the middle of the floor of the transept. Fr. Armstrong continued his
> sermon while a few parishioners chased the fleeing villain and Fr. Eric
> Zolner led the effort to clean the floor.
> Instead of his normal practice of preaching in his own words, today Fr.
> Armstrong had chosen to read a sermon from a book published by the Church
> of England in 1562. Its title, most ironically, is "Of Christian Love and
> Charity." I doubt Pie Man is familiar with that sermon -- or with the
> appointed lessons that were read before the sermon.
> The perpetrator was apprehended by parishioners outside the building and
> handed over to police.
> Immediately after the service, Fr. Armstrong called the police to request
> the man's release. "I needed to be congruent with my sermon," he said. The
> police refused, but Fr. Armstrong said he would appear in court to follow
> through on the process. He also expressed hope that the man could be
> talked to in lieu of a criminal penalty.

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