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RE: Greetings from Bunyoro-Kitara!: --> Rethinking obedience in new contexts

[Note:  Thad Cox uses the address of Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa
Bishop of Bunyoro-Kitara]

Thanks for sharing the details of this crisis. I agree with you that God
never intended for us to overpopulate the world when God said, "Be fruitful
and multiply."  We need to re-think our obedience to that commandment.

We also need to rethink demands for strict obedience to the few commandments
forbidding homosexuality.  Unless unduly pressured to do so, homosexual
persons do not usually beget children, yet many of us serve society well as
educators, ministers, and other professionals.

The most neglected part the first commandment is that we love God with our

Best wishes.

Louie Crew, Ph.D., D.D., D.D., D.H.L.

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

-----Original Message-----
> From: Thad Cox []
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 7:27 AM
Subject: Greetings from Bunyoro-Kitara!

Dear Friend of Bunyoro-Kitara,

Attached, in MS Word format, please find a copy of a letter that I
have decided to send out in order to bring to your attention another
very serious Ugandan problem that is confronting Uganda.

I wish that I had some idea of what we need to do to save our people
> from the impending crisis, but I don't. All that I can think of to do
is to ask each of you to please keep us in your prayers; and to
encourage others to help us find our way out of this impending tragedy.

Yours in Jesus,


Dear Friend of Bunyoro-Kitara,

Recently, I have written to you about some of the enormous problems that the
people of Uganda are confronted with in the implementation of three of our
governmental entitlement programs. The three floundering programs that I
have written about are: UHC (Universal Health Care), UPR (Universal Primary
Education) and USE (Universal Secondary Education).

The purpose of this e-mail is to bring to your attention another very
serious Ugandan problem. This is a problem, which I believe is probably the
most serious problem that is confronting the people of Uganda today. It is a
problem that has its roots deeply imbedded in the very core of Ugandan
society; it is a problem that silently growing like an out-of-control wild
fire; and it is a problem that has the potential to bring unimaginable
suffering into the lives of millions and millions of Ugandans within the
next ten to twenty years.

As you know Uganda is a very small and completely land locked East African
country. To give you an idea of just how small and crowded Uganda actually
is you can compare it; in size, to the state of Maine in the USA.

a)   Uganda	91,078 Sq. Miles	30,000,000 People
b)   Maine	86,150 Sq. Miles	1,321,505 People

The enormous problem and impending crisis that I am writing about today is
basically a closely intertwined two fold problem:

a) Out-of-control environmental devastation
b) Out-of-control population growth

Environmental Devastation

A) Ugandans are currently cutting down over 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres) of
old hardwood forest per month for export, to make room for crops, to enable
some of our largest sugar growers to expand their current holdings and to
replace the farm lands that have been so badly misused that they will no
longer support the growth of our basic food and export crops.

The governments own estimate is that by 2050 all of our forests will be
gone. Needless to say, the deforestation of our country is creating an
impending ecological disaster.

B) Many of our rivers and streams are drying up and once fertile farm lands
are no longer able to support the growth of crops. The yearly average
temperatures in some areas of the country have already risen by more that
1.5? and what were once highly productive coffee producing areas will no
longer support the growth of Uganda's number one cash producing export.

C) The water level of Lake Victoria, which is the largest fresh water lake
in Africa and the third largest fresh water lake in the world, has gone down
drastically in the past 4 years. This in turn has created a massive power
shortage through out the entire country; and, the huge Lake Victoria fishing
industry, another major foreign exchange cash producing industry, is now
severely threatened.

D) Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of fear that the imminent
development of recently discovered oil reserves at Lake Albert will bring
about severe pollution and the poisoning of much of the Lake Albert region
by careless, unregulated developers, in much the same way as what has
occurred in the Nigerian delta region.

The final result of all of this man-made devastation is that our small
country is rapidly growing much smaller and significantly less capable of
supporting its current population much less the surging population growth
that we are currently experiencing.

Out-of-Control Population Growth

A) The Ugandan rate of population growth is horrifying:

a) In 1950 Uganda's total population was 5,000,000

b) When I arrived in Uganda eight and a half years ago the population was
about 23,000,000

c) The government expects Uganda's population to reach 30,000,000 by the end
of this year

d) Some governmental estimates project that Uganda's population will reach
50,000,000 within ten years

e) And, the government estimates that Uganda's population will exceed
120,000,000 by the end of 2050.

B) Uganda's female fertility rate is currently reported to be the second
highest in the world. The average female fertility rate in Uganda is
reported to have recently grown from an unimaginable 6.9 children per woman,
to a tragic 7.2 children per woman.

C) "The New Vision", which is the government sponsored national newspaper,
recently reported that Uganda has the youngest average aged population in
the whole world.

a) The average age in Uganda is now reported to be 16.2 for Uganda's nearly
30,000,000 people.

b) Additionally, 60% of Uganda's population is now reported to be under the
age of 15.


A) Who will feed, educate and care for all of these new children (20,000,000
new children within ten years if the projections are correct)?

B) Where will the all of the critically needed jobs come from (nearly 60% of
our population is still in primary school or younger)?

C) What will become of our already severely over-stretched and critically
under funded educational and health care infrastructure?

D) What will become of Uganda and the rest of East Africa within the next
ten to twenty years if we do nothing?

A Possible Solution:

I do not know the exact specifics of what was done to curb the
out-of-control birth rates that so recently existed in China and India;
however, I do know that ten to fifteen years ago the very life of China and
India were being crushed under their own out-of-control population growth.

a) Today China's fertility rate has drastically dropped to 1.73 children per
	It is my understanding that China's leadership implemented new laws that
made it 	illegal for any man and woman to produce more than two children.

b) Today India's fertility rate has drastically dropped to 2.73 children per
	It is my understanding that India's government began a massive educational
	to re-educate and sensitize it's people to the impending crisis that the
country would
	certainly undergo if its uncontrolled population growth was not curbed.

Hurdles to overcome:

a) The failure of a man or woman to produce extremely large number of
children is looked upon, by the majority of the people of Uganda, as a
shame; and to a large degree a man's manhood and a woman's womanhood is
determined by the number of children that they are able to produce.

b) There are laws here in Uganda that make it a serious crime to have sex
with an under aged girl; however, much of the time these laws are either
ignored or overlooked when they become evident. Just today (11/4/07) there
was an article in the Monitor (another national newspaper) that reported
that in one of our districts (the equivalent of a state in the USA) "About
50 per cent of children below 14 years are rampantly defiled by relatives",
that "about 70 percent of the cases, especially in rural areas, are not
reported to police because of the costs that may be involved" and that "in
some instances parents are bribed out or the children are intimidated by the
defilers and this is inflaming the practice. As a result, some parents
because of poverty prefer accepting a bribe than to report the cases to the

No one that I know here in Uganda believes that this is merely an isolated
incident in one lone district. Everyone that I know believes that this is a
common problem through out the country. The obvious result is that a very
large percentage of the girl children here in Uganda begin producing
children of their own at ages as young as 14 and 15.

c) Many of the top leaders of the federal government support the belief, and
advocate to the general public, that the way to prosperity is through
producing large numbers of children and they encourage the people to produce
huge families.

d) Many of the top leaders here in the Bunyoro Kingdom publicly proclaim
that the only way that the Banyoro people can maintain their control over
their own kingdom is by producing large numbers of children.

e) The third largest religious sect in Uganda actively encourages its men to
produce huge numbers of children through multiple wives as a way of pleasing
god by becoming the dominant force in the country.

I wish that I had some idea of what we need to do to save our people from
the impending crisis, but I don't. All that I can think of to do is to ask
each of you to please keep us in your prayers; and to encourage others to
help us find our way out of this impending tragedy.

Yours in Jesus,


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