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Re: Spong - Resurrection, not Resuscitation

  • Subject: Re: Spong - Resurrection, not Resuscitation
  • From: Louie Crew <>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 11:27:02 -0400 (EDT)

On Apr 7 6:26am ***** ****** wrote:

> Spong makes an excellent point, though he certainly is not the first to do
> so.

Indeed. And it is important to note that Spong stresses that his point is
not original.  He begins:

> No one in the world of academic theology that I know treats the supposed
> discovery of the tomb of Jesus as if it had any credibility.

Many others like to fault +Jack for pretending to be original with ideas
that have long been current; and in the next breath they fault him for
trying to introduce new and dangerous ideas.

Spong's ideas seem novel to many in the pews because their own bishops and
rectors all too often feed them pap and dare not challenge them with the
best which they have been taught.

Episcopalians have one of the highest literacy rates among Christians in the
USA, but we are probably nearly at the bottom regarding biblical literacy
and not far from the bottom regarding theological literacy.  While we hear
more scripture in our services than do those in the so-called "bible
churches," the lectionary fumigates the choices for worship -- blessedly so
lest we actually pray to dash against the stones the heads of the children
of our enemies or lest we watch the brilliant feminist Judge Jael peg Sisera
in living color.

But we cannot be biblically literate if we limit our exposure to Scripture
to the tremolo many prefer when using Scripture in liturgy.

The lectionary for the daily office fumigates less and has less tremolo,
sometimes with painful consequences to Christians with their ears open. One
of the finest Christians I know told me over lunch in Washington last month
that he had finally abandoned the lectionary in his practice of doing
the daily office.  "I found that I do not believe in the vengeful and
vindicative God who pervades the Old Testament.  He bears almost no
resemblance to God as manifested in Jesus, and I felt that I was exposing my
soul to too much toxicity, especially in an act of devotion where I want to
be safe and not hypercritical."

Most of the students in my "Bible as Literature" course at Rutgers were not
Christians or non-practicing Christians.  They complained often and loudly
about the character of God who parades, postures, blusters, and shouts his
[sic] way through much of Hebrew Scriptures. "Do people actually believe in
this bully?" several asked.

If more actually read the Hebrew Scriptures, perhaps they would acknowledge
the need for using one's thinking cap before mindlessly saying "The word of
the Lord; thanks be to God" to everything in it. I love Scripture, all of
it, but hold each part of it to the test of its support of the first and
second of the greatest commandments. "Love god with your mind" is the most
neglected part of the first.



Why No Sermons on this Text?  As an old baldy I am sure that it is divinely

He went from there to Bethel and,
as he was on his way,  some small
boys  came  out of the  city  and
jeered at him, saying, "Get along
with you,  baldy,  get along"  He
turned  round and looked at  them
and he cursed them in the name of
the Lord;  and two she-bears came
out  of a wood and mauled  forty-
two of them.   From there he went
on to Mount Carmel.

                  2 Kings 2: 23-25

Where are she-bears when queans really need them?!


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