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Re: Cox leaves for Southern Cone

Pensions are not gifts:  they are earned.  They are, and should be,
protected by the laws of the land.  They do not require the pensioners to
remain frozen in the ideology of the institutions in which they earned them.

Bishop Cox is 86, and his pension is fully vested, protected by the laws of
the State of NY.  In retirement Medicare will cover his basic health
insurance.  Since he has renounced the Episcopal Church, He will not likely
continue to participate in any supplementary insurance which he might now
hold through one of his previous diocesan employers (Maryland and Oklahoma
have employed his as bishop suffragan/assistant respectively).

Lots of taxpayers don't like what I do in using Rutgers' computers. ****
******* has several times organized campaigns to try to have Rutgers stop my
access to the retirement entitlements of all emeritus faculty.  I am glad
that Rutgers obeys the laws of New Jersey.   Not all universities grant
computer access as an entitlement for the emeriti, but Rutgers does, and I
should not be singled out and denied it.

I am glad that The Church Pension Fund does not violate the laws of the
State of New York to deprive Bp. Cox or any other dissenters of the pensions
to which they are entitled.

Here is an excerpt from the March 5-6, 2007 minutes of the Joint Standing
Committee on Nominations for which I serve as secretary. Dennis Sullivan is
the director of the Church Pension Fund:

---- beginning  of excerpt

Louie Crew:  Please explain how a "defined benefit" works so that we can
respond when people ask what benefits those departing The Episcopal Church
can take with them?

Dennis Sullivan: We are a "defined benefit."  You do not have an account as
you would with a "defined contribution."  You have a calculation  made for
you at the time that you retire. It takes 5 years to be vested.

If anyone leaves, if vested you get your pension frozen at its value on that

We are a creature of GC and will do what it told with in the constraints of
the laws of NY (or other states).

---- end of excerpt

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