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RE: [HoB/D] Fw: How 1973 APA decision was made.

As later was to happen at the APA, at the 1969 special General Convention
some seized the microphone to "force" The Episcopal Church to deal with its
racial injustice.  UBCL (later changed to UBE) presented "The Black
Manifesto, and Black Power took center stage.  See
php.  See also the book "Let there be peace among us : a story of the Union
of Black Episcopalians" by the Rev. Canon Ed Rodman, now a professor at EDS
and a member of Executive Council.

We should celebrate those who help us with our spiritual ear wax.

*****, are you not in this same importunate tradition?:  You last served at
General Convention in 2003 yet still seize many opportunities to use the
microphone of this listserve to speak your prophecy to deputies and bishops.
Is there anything wrong with that?

Years ago when I set up the policy of who might have posting privileges on
this group, I deliberately chose to give the group access to veterans. I am
enormously grateful for the opportunity this list gives to us all to
encounter articulate witness from those with whom we disagree.

It seems to me that our task is not to muzzle prophets but to discern which
prophets are false and which true.

Regarding the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force: In the 1970s, I served as
an elected member of its board for two years, starting the year after their
successful lobbying of the APA.  I can certify that no one on that board
grew snouts or went around breathing fire.  Although I already had three
academic degrees, I arrived as the board's country bumpkin from a small town
in Georgia. My colleagues on the board were some of the most talented and
articulate people I have ever known -- including a couple of physicians, an
ex-nun in the Catholic Church, a Jesuit, an Episcopal priest, several
scientists....  We regularly engaged political and professional leadership.
For example, a city council member named Ed Koch came to almost everyone of
our public presentations.... I grew enormously through the dynamic exchange
of ideas.

Louie, Newark deputy

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12d, East Orange, NJ 07018.  973-395-1068

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