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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
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Letter from Canon Popoola


You got a gracious reply from the office of Archbishop in only 10 days and 
yet you are complaining that you had to wait, and might have to wait a 
little longer for the Archbishop to push all of his other work aside to 

Get real! And get focused!

I see nothing hostile in the letter Canon Popoola sent you.  Should we not 
rejoice with him in the vitality and growth of the church in Nigeria?

Archbishop Akinola recently reported in the London papers that he jumped 
away when I introduced him to Ernest.  Should I therefore put on grim 
colored glasses and look for evil in every thing that he does? I have 
found that my "enemies" rarely grow snouts, and are often very nice people 
in settings when I am not present.  The phobia keeps them blinded very 

My Aunt Rose had a phobia for germs, and as a boy, I could always tell she 
had arrived before even seeing her -- by the smell of rubbing alcohol on 
every door knob in the house.  Rose loved to eat out, but my parents had 
me under strict orders never to ask whether germs might be in the 
restaurants' kitchens.  We did not hate Rose or condemn her for her 
phobia; we just felt sorry for her. It preoccupied her; we did not let it 
preoccupy us.

Admittedly Archbishop Akinola's phobia has grim consequences for lgbts in 
that it is reinforced with the power of his archbishopric.  We should 
stand up to any abuses of his power, but we should not petulantly pick at 
every other thing the man does.

Some of my colleagues at the University of Alabama in the 1960s used to 
complain bitterly about all of the attention the world gave to Paul "Bear" 
Bryant.  I asserted that if we had been as committed and successful in our 
scholarship as Bear was to coaching, people throughout the country would 
not limit their knowledge of the University to football.

Let's compete with Archbishop Akinola in bringing news genuinely good to 
absolutely everybody!

Glory in excelsis deo!
Louie. Newark deputy 

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