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Louie & Ernest Clay-Crew
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Fighting for the extinction of the other?

> The irony in TEC is that both minorities in the controversy are fighting
> for the extinction of the other.

That description is untrue and decidedly unhelpful.  All too often those who
stake out a "middle ground" do so to grab power, not to love those in
conflict or to help them be reconciled.

Thousands and thousands of conservatives have made their peace with being in
a church that has made decisions of which they disapprove. The vast majority
of opponents to lgbt inclusion continue to contribute to the budget of GC
and to participate fully in ministry with lgbt Episcopalians.  Almost all
conservatives with whom I relate personally treat Ernest and me with
kindness, in spite of their belief that we have made the wrong faith

I know no lgbts who want to annihilate those who disagree with us. God loves
our 'enemies' just as much as God loves lgbts, and there is good news
aplenty in that for everyone.

Do both sides go to the mat in argument?  Of course.  But it is not a fight 
to the death.

It is a struggle that will end not with agreement but finally with
weariness, and with the welcome distraction of the many more things that we
have in common than in our differences.  It is a struggle that ends every
moment that we agree to disagree and get on with the many ministries which
God calls us to do together.

Even so come, Lord Jesus!

Newark deputy

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